Here are additional notes on working with Shona language pages involving Shona-English dictionary, English-Shona dictionary, and Shona sample sentences. I have used the English-Shona dictionary only as a typical example in order to explain how to work with these pages.

The text box above the word list has an autocomplete feature that updates the word list as you type. You can then select the word you need meaning for whenever it appears in the list below the text box. Words in the list may contain spelling errors and it is for this reason that you need to select words from the list since only words in this list can be searched. You can scroll down to view additional words. See Figure 1 below. Please note that the word list presented here is not inclusive.

Click Search after whole word is displayed in the top box (see Figure 2) to view the meaning of the word or phrase and the corresponding Shona word(s). See Figure 3.
autocomplete pic
Figure 1.
selectword pic
Figure 2.

The selected word or phrase's meaning and corresponding Shona word(s) only change when the Search button is selected. You can scroll down to view additional word meanings for word with multiple meanings that exceed the height of the Meanings window. Use the scrollbar located on the left of the advertisement sidebar. See Figure 3.

meanings pic
Figure 3.

For instance, if you replace the word "run" with the word "rest", meanings of the word "rest" and corresponding Shona word(s) will only appear, as shown in Figure 4, when the Search button is selected.

meaninings pic

Figure 4.

Should you continue to have problem working with the above word list send me, Martin Shumba, an e-mail with details of your difficulties. Any suggestions you have to improve information offered here would be greatly appreciated. E-mail any comments and/or suggestions you have to Martin Shumba.