Numbers in Shona
This page covers the subject of numbers in Shona and is primarily for those unfamiliar with the subject.

Please Note: The Units Table shows cardinal numbers without reference to a subject. This is what one would say if counting using their fingers. The subject affects the way numbers are used. For instance: one person is munhu mumwe

Numbers greater than 10 are generally expressed as:
Number of Thousands + Number of Hundreds + Number of Tens + Number of Units.
 -  Shona
1 motsi
2 piri
3 tatu
4 china
5 shanu
6 tanhatu
7 nomwe
8 sere
9 pfumbamwe
10 gumi
Typical Structure of Ten + Units
 -  Shona
11 gumi neimwe
12 gumi nembiri
13 gumi nenhatu
14 gumi neina
15 gumi neshanu
16 gumi nenhanhatu
17 gumi nenomwe
18 gumi nesere
19 gumi nepfumbamwe
20 makumi maviri
 -  Shona
10 gumi
20 makumi maviri
30 makumi matatu
40 makumi mana
50 makumi mashanu
60 makumi matanhatu
70 makumi manomwe
80 makumi masere
90 makumi mapfumbamwe
100 zana
Typical Structure of Tens + Units
 -  Shona
11 gumi neimwe
22 makumi maviri nembiri
33 makumi matatu nenhatu
44 makumi mana nena
55 makumi mashanu neshanu
66 makumi matanhatu nenhanhatu
77 makumi manomwe nenomwe
88 makumi masere nesere
99 makumi mapfumbamwe nepfumbamwe
110 zana negumi
 -  Shona
100 zana
200 mazana maviri
300 mazana matatu
400 mazana mana
500 mazana mashanu
600 mazana matanhatu
700 mazana manomwe
800 mazana masere
900 mazana mapfumbamwe
1000 churu
Typical Structure of 100 +
 -  Shona
115 zana negumi neshanu
221 mazana maviri nemakumi maviri neimwe
330 mazana matatu nemakumi matatu
440 mazana mana nemakumi mana
507 mazana mashanu nenomwe
665 mazana matanhatu nemakumi matanhatu nechanu
734 mazana manomwe nemakumi matatu nena
886 mazana masere nemakumi masere nenhanhatu
999 mazana mapfumbamwe nemakumi mapfumbamwe nepfumbamwe
1000 churu
 -  Shona
1,000 churu chimwe
2,000 zvuru zviviri
3,000 zvuru zvitatu
4,000 zvuru zvina
5,000 zvuru zvishanu
6,000 zvuru zvitanhatu
7,000 zvuru zvinomwe
8,000 zvuru zvisere
9,000 zvuru pfumbamwe
10000 gumi rezvuru
Typical Structure of 1000 +
 -  Shona
1,010 churu negumi
2,200 zvuru zviviri nemazana maviri
3,540 zvuru zvitatu nemazana mashanu nemakumi mana
4,400 zvuru zvina nemazana mana
5,505 zvuru zvishanu nemazana mashanu neshanu
6,006 zvuru zvitanhatu nenhanhatu
7,700 zvuru zvinomwe nemazana manomwe
8,800 zvuru zvisere nemazana masere
9,098 zvuru pfumbamwe nemakumi mapfumbamwe nesere
10,100 zvuru gumi nezana

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