Limited Word List
Shona words listed on this page, at this time, are only those corresponding to English words aardvark through cyst.
This Shona Language page contains a Shona-English dictionary that uses a searchable Shona word list. Selected Shona word, from this list, is converted or translated to English. English words or phrases are for the context or meaning shown below the Shona word. Please note that Shona dialect assigned to a Shona word in this dictionary refers to dialect of origin. Most these Shona words are generally understood and used interchangeably by Shona speaking people of different dialects. For instance the word "bwereketa" (to speak) is Karanga and is understood by all, yet the word generally used is "taura". See How It Works. You may need to go to Shona language page for automated Shona verb conjugation. I have included an example here.

How It Works
  1. Type the first few characters of the word and select word from list to avoid spelling errors.
  2. Click Search, after whole word is in the top box, to view Shona word or phrase.
  3. Each Shona word is followed by corresponding dialect or language of origin. For instance, the Shona word “siya” would be shown as “siya KKoMZ”. Where KKoMZ are the applicable dialects.
  4. Click this Abbreviations link to view meanings of abbreviations used.
  5. Notes on this page cover the limitations of this word list.

  1. Only words in this list can be searched.
  2. Word list presented here is not inclusive.
  3. Words with multiple meanings have only the meanings where suitable translations were available.
  4. Meaning, in many cases, is actually the context that has a corresponding English word or phrase.
  5. Part of speech assignment has been loosely observed. Phrases, in some cases, are shown as verbs or nouns.
  6. Botanical names of plants listed here are found on the Flora of Zimbabwe website which has over 2,000 species with images.
  7. Pages may take a while to load depending on database size.
  8. Should you have problem working with the above word list, please view Additional Notes page. Otherwise send me, Martin Shumba, an e-mail with details of your difficulties.

Submitting Shona Words
Help increase the Shona word list in the database for these Shona Language pages by submitting additional words I omitted and their meanings. Omissions may include instances where I did not cover all possible meanings of a word. In that case, treat the word as a new word and include all possible meanings for the word in question. Basic guide to submitting omitted words is on the Add Words page.

We need your feedback
This is an ongoing project and any suggestions you have to improve information offered here would be greatly appreciated. E-mail any comments or suggestions you have to Martin Shumba.