Abbreviations Part of Speech
Afr. derived from Afrikaans
Eng. derived from English
For. derived from a foreign word
K Karanga
Ko Korekore
Ko(B) chiBudya
M Manyika
Ng Nguni
Z Zezuru
KKo Karanga and Korekore
KM Karanga and Manyika
KZ Karanga and Zezuru
KKoM Karanga, Korekore and Manyika
KKoMZ Karanga Korekore, Manyika and Zezuru
KoM Korekore and Manyika
KoMZ Korekore, Manyika and Zezuru
KoZ Korekore and Zezuru
MZ Manyika and Zezuru
n. noun
vb. verb
vt. transitive verb
vt. intransitive verb
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
prep. preposition
conj. conjunction
pron. pronoun
inter. interjection
idio. idiom
phr. phrase
prov. proverb

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